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This load consists of two HP Velotechnik Fast E-Trike Scorpion FS 26 S-Pedelec.  A stabilizer bar was added to these trikes, which interferes with our 7.5 inch pin pacing that would have normally been used to carry these trikes.  We designed a through pin for situations where two 5 inch or two ​10 inch spacings are needed.   This carrier was purchased with the Silent Hitch Pin Lock for stability within the hitch.  These trikes weigh over 60 pounds each with the battery pack removed.  Because of their size it is also necessary to use the highest setting on the carrier, increasing leverage. This customer was concerned about the movement when going the road with this load.  The 1500 2Tadpole2 carrier is strong enough for this without the trunk strap.  The strap would help reduce movement, but there was no place on this vehicle to attach it.  Watch for signs of wear and fatigue.  Replace parts as necessary, do not put a load like this on the 1.25-inch models, and do not put a load like this behind a motor home or 5th wheel camper.