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Anti-Sway Device 1.25-inch
Anti-Sway Device 1.25-inch
Our Price: $28.00

The Anti-Sway Device 1780ASD1.25 will work with all 1 -inch ball mounts or carriers.  Like all other products
on the market it only reduces sway and rattle.  It requires a 9/16-inch wrench to tighten.  Because of the adapter
it is used with the 1 and 2-inch 1400Compact Carrier.
Python Adjustable Locking Cable
Python Adjustable Locking Cable
Our Price: $36.00

Use the Python Adjustable Locking Cable in combination with the Long Shackle Padlock to lock your trikes to the carrier.
Our Price: $75.00

The stabilizer is designed to work with the Alpaca 1400 Compact Carriers to reduce sway and rattles.  After it is assembled no wrenches are required to use it.  It is more convenient to use and quicker to install than the anti-sway device.

When used upright on hitches with a 300 pound of higher tongue weight rating and tightened against the bottom of the hitch, it strengthens the carrier where it goes into the hitch reducing stress on the hitch and increasing the capacity of the carrier from 75 pounds to 120 pounds.

The stabilizer can be used with smaller hitches or smaller vehicles, but in many instances will need to be turned sideways for ground clearance.  The extra strength is reduced when used on the side of the hitch, but the carrier is stronger than these smaller hitches without the stabilizer.  Fits 1.25 inch hitches or 2 inch hitches with the use of the Alpaca 2-inch Adapter.